Poem: Poetry Addiction, by Carolyne M. Acen

“Passion and pain are a poet’s portfolio. When a poet loses his words, he’s also lost his voice.”

By Carolyne M. Acen, spoken word poetry blogger

I am a logophile; a poetic junkie with a
peculiar addiction.
High on poetry, slurring words like a lunatic.
Drugged by techniques, swooned into emotion
by this creative craving curse.
I bow to the will of this idolized ink, let my pen
stroke my soul into a living rage and bleed my
thoughts on paper.

My elation is the rush of creation; words roam
around freely.
Inadequate verbal emotion makes me weak
and renders me useless.
Thirsty and breathless, I lurch along canvas
dumping the shards of experience sealed in
suitcases of my vocabulary.

The creative fire in me burns.
Keeps me up all night, wakes me at first light.
I write with a frenzy — my Sentences combined
describe my written scribe.
I coax phrases to render them bold; weave
moments in line and verse, wield my whimsical
pen with a theatrical flourish.

I craft words so all may waltz; floor the stage with
my well enunciated dictionary — tap the mic, seize
the moment and hope to God that my fiery
inspiration takes hold.
I am a drunk poetess mingling in the presence of

(c) Carolyne M. Acen 2016

Photo: iolya/iStock

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