Poem: Once Again, by Patrice Desbiens

The poem is always here, there, and everywhere…

By Patrice Desbiens

Once again lost in the poem
it’s raining in the poem and
the poet’s breath is blurred
becomes muddy moving sands
and blood
it’s very moving

really very beautiful as if
seen under the waves of
a beautiful blue lake
with a poet
drowning in it

suddenly it’s snowing
in the poem and
the lake freezes the
beautiful lake freezes
with a portrait of the
poet’s face in it

everything is beautiful
it’s all so fluorescent

lost in the poem
once again

©2016 Patrice Desbiens, Montreal

This poem is a translation of a French poem, published in La vallée des cicatrices in 2015. Patrice Desbiens (born 1948) is a Canadian poet. He has written some 30 books of poetry since the sixties.

Patrice Desbiens on Twitter

Sidebar photo: InspiredImages/Pixabay.com

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