Binge-writing is not productive

It’s better to write less and regularly rather than a lot in one go.

Binge-watching TV is one thing, but binge-writing is something else entirely and not recommended, according to publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant. In this article, she writes that it might lead to burnout and even keep you from further writing:

7 reasons why you should avoid binge writing

In the post on my own writing progress, I write about comparing writing to exercising. You don’t exercise for hours and then stop for weeks. You make it a habit and plan it into your schedule. Instead of writing in binges, it’s much more productive to write for maybe half an hour or one hour or two hours every day, or write 500 words, or 1000 words. If you write 500 words every day, you’ll have a 50,000 word script in 100 days. Or a flash fiction story in a week or maybe a 100 word story a day.

It’s doable and less likely to wear your motivation thin. As Daphne Gray-Grant writes in the article above, “Why would you turn writing into something that you want to avoid?”

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