Short story Friday: Woman Keeps Dead Husband’s Teeth on the Nightstand, by Sarah Freligh

By Sarah Freligh

Friday is Mrs. Judson’s, her marble-topped table that refuses to give up its smudges no matter how hard I polish. I used to sing along to my Walkman until someone on the 23 bus made off with my purse. Now I make up my own songs. I sing them on my knees to the walnut baseboards until their shine sings back to me. I sing through lunch, a shot of whiskey I cadge from the liquor Mrs. Judson will never miss. When I clean the bedroom, Mr. Judson smiles up at me from the glass where he’s drowning. He approves.

* * *

Creepy? Funny? Maybe both. A cleverly told story that made me smile along with Mr. Judson. Sarah Freligh wrote it in response to a photo prompt at 100 word story. The photo accompanying the prompt showed a pair of dentures in a glass of water.

Published with permission from the author.

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