Short story Friday: Homophones, by Henry Bladon


By Henry Bladon

Misha suddenly said: “I don’t like homophones.”

I asked her why not.

“Because they’re dangerous,” she said.

“Do you mean ‘people who are anti-gay?'” I asked.

She laughed. “Oh, yeah. Wrong word.”

I agreed with her anyway.

Then I wondered weather she wished she had rather not said that allowed.


Grate story, 50 words short, cleverly playing with words. Homophones are words that are pronounced the same but differ in meaning. For example: there, their and they’re, mail and male, right and write, sole and soul, dye and die, pair and pear.

The story is published at 50-Word Stories. Pop over to read more stories or submit your own 50-word story.


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