Canva templates: Text + image

Text: Solveig Hansen, 2018

Canva offers an abundance of design templates for you to adapt on the spot, whether you’re a non-designer, rookie or pro.

Book or magazine covers, brochures, posters, presentations, social media posts: All templates come pre-designed with text and image, ready to be customized for your purpose.

It’s simple, too. Just pick a template to open the editor and work on your design. Choose from hundreds of layouts, illustrations, fonts, and stock photos. Some are free, others cost one dollar.

There are two versions of Canva, one free and one subscription-based, Canva for Work.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
– Albert Einstein

The editor


The Canva editor is simple, with the most important imaging tools. Choose a font, format text, resize, or create text boxes with or without transparency.


When you’re done with the editing, you can download your work as PDF, JPG or PNG.

A selection of black/white templates

Semi-transparent text box:


Just text:


Blurry background to highlight the text, while the elements in the background are still visible:


Font and image that match the content, in this case a horror film:


Choose an appropriate font

Friendly, fancy, serious, silly. Fonts have their own individual personality. Choose one that complements the image or message well.


If you don’t want the font to compete with the image, choose a neutral font without any specific personality. Examples:

Open Sans

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