Book cover trends for 2018

Text: Solveig Hansen, 2018

Bold typography. Minimalistic. Hand-drawn. The seventies and eighties. Millennial Pink. Authentic photography. These are some of the book cover trends for 2018 according to 99designs, an online marketplace for graphic design.

Read the whole article, written by Meg Reid.

Bold typography

Loud and large, with most of the space used for text.



Lot of room for the graphics and text to breathe, which makes the design more powerful. Less is truly more.



Hand-drawn fonts and graphics give the cover an individual and casual feel.


The seventies and eighties

Neon lights, vibrant colors and bombastic fonts. The 70’s and 80’s aesthetics are back.


Millennial Pink

Not the usual pink, but Millennial Pink, also called Rose Quartz, softer and more toned down than Barbie Pink.


Authentic photography

Smartphone cameras have made photography more accessible and stock photography are moving away from the often “staged” look of the past to a more “real” quality, as if the shots were taken by a smartphone.


Read the whole article.


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