Short story Friday: February 12, by Erinn Pascal

By Erinn Pascal

It is Halloween. I am a princess and my son Danny is a ghost. I carry his orange pumpkin bucket around and wear a tiara on my head. Danny isn’t saying anything but that’s because ghosts don’t talk. I collect pink Kit Kats from Mrs. Levinger and lollipops from Mr. Cruz. I ask Danny if he wants anything but he’s too good at being a ghost. When Mrs. Rachel, Danny’s violin teacher, sees me at the door, she takes me in an embrace. She doesn’t see him in his costume. She only sees the headlines – missing boy – on the news.


Creepy or sad? You decide.

This story was first published at 100 word story, an online literary magazine that invites visitors to submit a story of 100 words – no more, no less.

Published with permission from the author.

Sidebar photo: Bill Rogers

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